I’ve been grappling with this issue my entire life, although as a child I did not have the words to express what I felt. After 45 years of studying astrology and many years as a Buddhist and meditator I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as “free will.” If we break those individual words down I realize that nothing is “free” without chords to the past and connections to the potential future. “Will?” what is that? To me a capitalist construct. It is a fantasy that puts the population into two separate camps: those who appear to enact their “will” and those, who for whatever reasons (I call it Karma or even evolvement!) cannot enact what everyone says is “free will.” They’ve got to do the jobs nobody wants to do, they’ve got to live in the digs no one sees as fit. They’ve got to struggle. Jesus said “the poor will always be with us.” This was not a superficial dismissal, this was a deep understanding of the karma of life. If our species lasts long enough to evolve, perhaps we will find a way to enact equal distribution of goods and services, but the tribal breakdown is too big and the smaller factions have now grown too violent.

The more charts I study over the decades and decades of astrological study the more I understand that we write our charts before we come into life, and that blueprint, that map of life,  has specific requirements based on accumulative karma and many lives. In addition, though many doors may be open upon birth and open in the course of a life, many so-called other doors are simply not going to open! This is not punishment, this is learning, this is growth; this is pressure on the coal to produce the diamond.

In another society, culture and world, perhaps, one that is not based on money and materialism as the fantasy of what power is, those who are intuitive empaths would have opportunities galore while those that are good are the exchange of filthy lucre would be relegated to low status, boring jobs! That’s my revenge fantasy. It’s not true really. We all get what we need and honestly, what we deserve. If you don’t like what you see in your life, changing your thoughts (another bullshit ballyhoo meant to shame us all into submission) won’t do a damn thing!

And talking of “changing your thoughts..” well, I prefer to look upon it as watching the passing parade. Our thoughts are just what the busy brain does. We do not have to attach to any one thought. That’s the beauty of meditation.

The best antidote to unhappiness is gratitude, forgiveness and love. That’s it.

Try it. Today.


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