Writer, Musician, Vlogger

 An endless universe of second chances. 

What cannot be said will be wept.

go to my TV page and check out my new series “PILGRIMS”

        WRITING: I am a writer working in six genres or so. I challenge myself to write anything and everything.

 The work on this site represents about 20 years of writing, including novels, short stories, stage plays, screenplays, essays and poetry.

MUSIC: I am a  singer-songwriter and pianist.

My original work can be described as lyrical jazz, but I also explore covers in multiple genres.

Samples of my original music are available on my Music Page.

         PERFORMING: As a comedic character actor with training in London, England, I have performed in theatre, radio and clubs all over.

I specialize in ensemble improvisation and original storytelling.


BA Creative Writing & Theatre Arts,  University of Arizona, 2004

MFA Creative Writing, George Mason University, 2007

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