“Would you rather be an contented cow or an unhappy human being?” Eckhart Tolle

Could I say, about myself, this cow is happy? I, like every other human with the exception of a very few, am lost in my “so-called” life. The endless mental chatter of my mind tortures me–my mind appears to be quite abusive and really tries every way it can to punish me for just being alive. I am not good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, successful enough, rich enough, industrious enough, kind enough, aware enough, enough enough enough! Me, the real me of consciousness and the “egoic me” as Tolle terms it, what the Buddhists call “ego,” are in a constant battle for who is going to control the moment to moment existence of this life.

It is a schizophrenic dual existence we’ve been living as humans for such a long time, we are walking around in this state without really understanding it. How can I merge the consciousness and awareness with the personality that walks around here, the one that talks to itself constantly and announces her presence in the most unpleasant way: “ta dum de dum de dum?”

We lost our integrated wholeness a long time ago–in mythology we can explore the split. Ancient creative myths tell us about obsession. We are now looking for the word beyond the wasteland of the collective mind pattern in which we are now immersed.

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