A Poem or a Heart Attack

©2015 Allison Fine



The shadows play differently now

I am not feeling the cruelty Eliot

Told me about—

Gentle air has replaced the deep, cold edges

Of March.

Bench-wise, park-wise, I am still

As many pass by in the little park.

old woman with a cane

young boy on a skate board

girl and boy in love—her skirt is short

he’s talking all the time

her hair is green

middle aged man snoozes on the grass

I sip coffee listening to “Indy Folk” on Spotify.

One lone bird in a tree says ‘hello’

I say ‘hello’.

I told them spring would be better.

I was right.

Yet sadness, slowness settles in

From the where when soft wind wails

I want to leave

But can’t.


no leaves yet

ground still

too hard for digging.

My tree talks in low tones:

Don’t Go

the bush with white flowers

tempts me:

oh dear, she says, I am pretty.

Yes you are, I tell her back.

that big gray cat

says hello.

Hello yourself.

People on this street live nice lives

I think.

it’s not so bad but

I don’t know. When summer comes

I’ll find out.

  1. does not

that old woman does not like me—

her stare is on the edge of “fuck off”


she navigates the sidewalk

across the street




Her son was homeless

Then he died, a drug addict.

She will never forget him

As a baby

Wriggling in her lap

Crying for daddy.

The forgetting tree sways

But does not break.

She walks slowly—I want

To help

But her bag swings

On her back.

It, too, shouts go away.

  1. the street

empty store fronts


restaurants and bars,

doggie day care


the sunrise grocery that never has anything

the shelves often empty,

Pay Half closed—fashion for the poor no more—

Some shoe place with leggings on booties in front

Tropical optical (hopeful title, that)

Three cell phone stores

The Gap Outlet

A couple of banks

The new gym

A Thai fast food

A laundry (now closed and Out of Business)

Some trendy little eateries with

Artisanal this and that

Intelligentsia where you can get an exotic cuppa

For $8.00,

Hipsters, Oldsters, poor, trendy, up and coming,

Middle class, no class,

Two jewelry stores and

A suspicious music store

Someone says is a drug front,

A new smoke and inhaling shop


The square

The Park

The Monument



My world.


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