1. What happens to cause a man to give up on everything he knows and everything he feels? How can an aging alcoholic with a seemingly airtight rationalization system, living next to a dumpster, with his prostitute girlfriend who is forty years younger than him, find redemption? Nameless the Hero is a street-level tale of people at the bottom, a redemption story that moves from the page into your brain. We watch Nameless, a man who refuses to have a name any longer, move sideways and circular to claw his way up from the bottom while Eddie Talbot moves from being a social worker to a murderer of the homeless. Along the way we meet characters and career criminals and outsiders who somehow manage to get inside your heart.

Nameless the Hero 2013-14

2. The toxic effects of chronic disappointment on the psyche of a once-promising writer sinking slowly into the quicksand of middle age.

SaulsLastBook 2010-11

Four novels in progress:

  1. The Life and Times of Becky Kaplan
    A young Jewish girl growing up in the Midwest comes of age in the turbulent 60’s.

The Life and Times of Becky Kaplan 2013

2. Cockroach Heaven
A woman struggles with the suicide of her sister, her mother’s newfound freedom and her own issues with self esteem and love.

Cockroach Heaven 2006

3. The Senator
A Senator crosses the line on multiple counts including sexual scandle and possible murder.

The Senator

4. My latest novel: Red, White and Blue
A young couple experiences sudden loss when the wife dies suddenly after the birth of their child. The resulting chaos weaves a wreckage around the lives of father, daughter and the entire family.

Red White & Blue 2015-16

While I place unfinished work for readers to explore, everything is copyrighted. In addition, I welcome editors and potential book acquisition editors to contact me about the trajectory of the above work and to express interest in publication.


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