INCOME DISPARITY IS ABOUT MORE THAN MONEY, PEOPLE. It’s about the old caveat of the “popular crowd” (the rich people) vs. the “unpopular crowd” (us stupid gits that haven’t figured out how to be money magnets) We haven’t learned to optimize maximum hits for our “product”, which in my case, is my life, and therefore since we can’t monetize ourselves we’re useless! Let’s see whose work stands the test of time–the blowhards who are creaming all over the rest of us, or the rest of us producing good work.I want to add that if someone IS successful this does NOT mean their work is automatically mediocre or bad for God’s sake NO. I am simply reacting to the snarky meanness of the power elite in their treatment of those of us who somehow didn’t do your prosperity consciousness classes CAUSE WE KNOW BETTER. And let us not forget how much money these asshole money gurus are making charging the dumb sheep who attend their seminars and lectures!This is all about Karma folks. You CANNOT think yourself into growing rich, excuse me Napolean Hill, writer of the original diatribe to thinking yourself into money. If we could all do that we fu*&^*&BT^V would, folks! Everyone would be rich! Part of the envy in this world is based on people not understanding Karma or accepting their place in it!As Pema Chodron tells us in her book “When Things Fall Apart”:

TURNING YOUR MIND toward the dharma does not bring security or confirmation. Turning your mind toward the dharma does not bring any ground to stand on. In fact, when your mind turns toward the dharma, you fearlessly acknowledge impermanence and change and begin to get the knack of hopelessness.


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