I have three full length film scripts I will share on this site, however I wrote 12 screenplays from 1981-1998, at which point I turned my attention to narrative fiction.

I started what I call my “writer’s odyssey”  1996-1998 in Park City, Utah to Whitefish, Montana, 1998-2000  and ending Phase 1 of the odyssey in Tucson, AZ in 2000-2004. Phase 2 took me from graduate school in N. Virginia at George Mason University to Chicago, Illinois from 2007-present, where I currently reside. You will see from title pages various addresses in various places.

Whitefish, Montana at the time of writing Deformed, where I finished my first novel Nameless the Hero, wrote my first collection of short stories and wrote and polished three spec scripts which will appear below, was a place of amazing mountain consciousness,  riding, hiking, swimming and biking in and out of the vast western sky and the great mountains surrounding Whitefish.

check it out:

1. Deformed.fdr 4-13-2001

2. suicide medicine synopsis

Suicide Medicine

3. wolfdreamsynopsis

Wolf Dreams

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