You might have come here for just a year
one year and I’m out again
to the great adventure of
But you got stuck
you couldn’t leave,
money gone
jobs dried up
you got old
you got sick
you let your hair go white.

It;s seven years now.

You watched people in their 40’s
act like kids,
did you do that in your 40’s?
You wondered.
You might have had too many kids
at home back. then.
Perhaps you try different clothes
and make up and hair styles
and clubs and venues,

But nothing works.
Is it me? you might ask.

Or is it the place?

You’ll never know
because you got stuck.
you cannot leave.
You might dream of going back
west to the mountains but you figure
you could be sad and
and die there too.

The thought of dying here
frustrates you.
you have made your life so small
it is the size of two rooms.

But if it were bigger,

would it matter?

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